The pictures displayed on this site are digitally retouched and altered photos of well-known people and are not intended to be a true representation of the celebrities or the activities they engage in. They merely depict the fantasies of the fakes’ creators.This website has no affiliation with any celebrities. Every picture on this website is a fake. These pictures are a digital parody of certain celebrities, and should never be confused as real.
 All of these pictures were obtained for free, and thus, are hosted on this website for free. Every picture hosted by this website has been found on public websites, where they were hosted previous to being hosted here. These pictures are now hosted here in an attempt to catalog as many of these pictures as possible, so users can find these pictures in one place, and have a wider audience for the artist’s work.
 Any revenue which is accumulated from the ads on this website is used to pay for the domain name, upkeep, and programming fees which have occurred in the creation and ongoing maintenance of this website. we reserves the right to change anything, from pages to content, at any time. Kfapfakes is not responsible for the loss of business, internet traffic, or money due to the content of this website, and any website which is linked to on one of our pages. These rules apply in unison with local laws.

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